FOSSASIA Conference in Singapore 2018

One of my friend Jonas invited me to attend FOSSASIA Conference 2018 in Singapore. Actually, attending overseas conference like this is my primary experience. I will meet many people there and get connection with them.

My Schedule during the conference event

Date/Time Location Purpose
21 March Changi Airport Arrival time from Surabaya,Indonesia
22 March 12. AM – 6.00 PM Lifelong Learning Institute Singapore Exhibition Program. Visiting booth and exchange stories with participation
23 March 7.30 PM – 8.45 PM Chinatown and Brewerkz Chinatown Pub Crawl with Speakers and Participants of FOSSASIA OpenTech Summit
23 March 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM Lifelong Learning Institute Singapore Keynote Sessions, Business and Technology Tracks
24 March 10:00 AM – 7:00 PM Lifelong Learning Institute Singapore Keynotes, Business and Technology Tracks, Young Developers Day
24 March 10:00 AM – 7:00 PM Lifelong Learning Institute Singapore Business and Technology Tracks, Workshops, and Closing session.
25 March 7.30 PM – 10.30 PM Hackerspace Singapore Dim Sum and After-Summit Midnight Hacks
28 March Changi Airport  Back to Indonesia

the schedule is need to be more edited


Why it doesn’t work for you?

Muhammad Firdaus, fird0s

Some people say “You have to follow your passion, love what you do and do what you love“. But it’s general sentences what everyone in the world know and that sentences is ambiguous. Most of them follow what their passionate about. In the above quote that said by Steve Jobs, “You can’t connect the dots looking forward you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future“. The meaning of the sentences is you have to see your past act and then you most to equal with your future act. You have to do same things in the past and for future. If you work for tech company, after you resigned you must continue your career to choose tech company again as your job. that is one of meaning “connecting the dots“. Continue reading “Why it doesn’t work for you?”

Marketing Process

In the most book that i have read, most of them explain 5 step of marketing process are:

1. Understanding the marketplace and customer needs
2. Design a customer-driven marketing strategy
3. Construct an integrated marketing program that delivers superior value
4. Build profitable relationship customer deligh
5. Capture value from customers to create profit and customer equity

above 5 at all, there are many materials more that can be explained. for example, in the Understanding the marketplace and customer needs, there will be (a) needs, wants, and demand. (b) market offering (products, services, and experiecens). (c) value and satisfaction. (d) exchanges and relationships, and (e) markets.


Penganugerahan UTU Award 2015

Muhammad Firdaus 2nd Winner of E-commerce Website Development, Teuku Umar University
Muhammad Firdaus 2nd Winner of E-commerce Website Development , Teuku Umar University

Humas – Malam puncak penganugerahan UTU Award yang berlangsung Rabu malam, 11 November 2015, di halaman kampus Universitas Teuku Umar, Alue Penyareng, Meulaboh, berlangsung sangat meriah. Acara yang dikemas dalam tata panggung artistik dengan warna-warni cahaya lampu, serta dimeriahkan aneka macam kreativitas seni dari sanggar seni kampus Universitas Teuku Umar. Selain dihadiri oleh Rektor Universitas Teuku Umar, Wakil Rektor I, II, III,  juga tampak Staf Ahli bidang pembangunan Gubernur Aceh, Drs. H. Mustafa, Bupati Aceh Barat, DR (HR) H. Alaidinsyah, Wakil Ketua DPRK H Kamaruddin, para peserta perlombaan dari berbagai kampus perguruan tinggi negeri dan swasta di Aceh, Civitas Akademi Universitas Teuku Umar serta masyarakat yang berada di sekitar Alue Penyareng. Continue reading “Penganugerahan UTU Award 2015”

Students of Fekon (Faculty of Economics and Business) Develop Computer Game in only 4 Days

Students of Fekon (Faculty of Economics and Business) Develop Computer Game in only 4 Days
Muhammad Firdaus & Andhika Fatwa
Muhammad Firdaus & Andhika Fatwa develop computer game in only 4 Days

Thursday, April 17, 2014 | Two students from the Faculty of Economics Unsyiah, Wahyu Andhika Fatwa ( s1 Management ) and Muhammad Firdaus ( D3 Marketing Management ) joined the activities of Aceh Cloud and Mobile Gaming Bootcamp that was held in Banda Aceh City Hall. This event lasted for four days from  April 17 to 20 ,2014 , and was driven by Information Technology Society ( MIT ) in collaboration with the Institute ICAIOS, Binus International University. Government of Banda Aceh and the Internet Society , a non-profit organization based in Switzerland funded these activities . This kind of activity is aimed  to develop the creative economics industries  as well as to succeed  Banda Aceh vision to be the Digital Civilized City.

Continue reading “Students of Fekon (Faculty of Economics and Business) Develop Computer Game in only 4 Days”

Mahasiswa Berprestasi Unsyiah Dapat Penghargaan

Muhammad Firdaus, Mahasiswa Berprestasi Diploma Unsyiah 2016.
Muhammad Firdaus, Mahasiswa Berprestasi Diploma Unsyiah 2016.

Banda Aceh, (Analisa). Universitas Syiah Kuala (Unsyiah) memberikan penghargaan kepada enam mahasiswa berprestasi program sarjana dan diploma tahun 2016, Selasa (17/5). Mahasiswa berprestasi program diploma masing-masing Muhammad Firdaus (Fakultas Ekonomi Bisnis) pe­ringkat I, Rizky Sucipto (Fakultas Teknik) peringkat II, dan Rauzatul Jannah (Fakultas Pertanian) peringkat III. Continue reading “Mahasiswa Berprestasi Unsyiah Dapat Penghargaan”