I joined with Faculty Creative Team Since 2013

Today (02, December 2015) i want to share my experience with my faculty creative team. In my faculty (feb.unsyiah.ac.id) we have a special community that help branding/rebranding faculty, it community called “Fekon Creative Team”. Fekon Creative Team work under dean’s instruction, you know It was so special because most of faculty community not like that.

What is Fekon Creative Team?

Fekon Creative Team born 3 month after new transfer dean in my faculty (2013), the dean was (Mirza Tabrani, MBA, Ph.D). “We think, we need to rebranding our faculty, this is our new era, we should change it better and better than past dean era”, said Jeliteng Pribadi as vice dean for cooperation. our mission is to make our faculty is known more wider by people. so we decided to make better website which the website can give people information everything about our faculty. then, we made faculty’s book. in that book we provide history about faculty, how to join in that faculty, and lecturer biography.

Member of  Fekon Creative Team?

First, we just have 9 member of that team, these are people:

  1. Jeliteng Pribadi, SE, MM, MA (Head of team)
  2. Zulfikar, SE (Secretary)
  3. T. Muda Syurmansyah, SE (Coordinator)
  4. Wahyu Andhika Fatwa, SE (Fotografer/Graphic Designer)
  5. Muhammad Firdaus (Web Developer)
  6. Asrul Fuadi (Graphic Designer)
  7. Fauziah Aida Fitri (Translator)
  8. Dahlia (Translator)
  9. Perspektif Team (Journalist)

Each person has different task.

Where Fekon Creative Team’s Office?

Jeliteng Pribadi as head of team, he was giving us a room that we can stay there and do everything.

Gallery of Our Team 


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