Muhammad Firdaus & Andhika Fatwa
Muhammad Firdaus & Andhika Fatwa develop computer game in only 4 Days

Thursday, April 17, 2014 | Two students from the Faculty of Economics Unsyiah, Wahyu Andhika Fatwa ( s1 Management ) and Muhammad Firdaus ( D3 Marketing Management ) joined the activities of Aceh Cloud and Mobile Gaming Bootcamp that was held in Banda Aceh City Hall. This event lasted for four days from  April 17 to 20 ,2014 , and was driven by Information Technology Society ( MIT ) in collaboration with the Institute ICAIOS, Binus International University. Government of Banda Aceh and the Internet Society , a non-profit organization based in Switzerland funded these activities . This kind of activity is aimed  to develop the creative economics industries  as well as to succeed  Banda Aceh vision to be the Digital Civilized City.

On the first day of the event, the participants were guided to make the Flappy Bird game, a game made by Vietnamese developer who has made hundreds millions U.S. Dollars . For the next day, the participants are expected to develop ideas and create  their own games related to local wisdom in Aceh . “This is a very great event , because it can develop new industries that can generate more income , especially for android based games which are mostly  downloaded by smartphone  users” said Wahyu( 22 ) as a participant. “Furthermore, this event may also improve the soft skills and the capacity of youth to compete in national and international level ” , said this final-year students of the Faculty of Economics UNSYIAH.

In his remark,  PLH Mayor,  represented by M. Nurdin M. Sos , stated that the city government is very supportive for such a this event, and hoped that the Acehnese people are not only able to play games , but also able to create games that can be sold globally.  “ This training concentration is held in order to encourage Acehnese people, not only to play games, but also to create games and become a reliable game developer by adopting the local culture , thus there will be local based games yet globally accepted “, said  Mayor Expert Staff Development Sector . [ TM ]

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